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Further reading (click on title)

"Can forestry manage bushfires in future?" (913Kb pdf)

Eminent fire researcher Phil Cheney convincingly argues that forestry has abandoned fire management; and the results will help to perpetuate the myth of megafires. In the Australian Forestry Journal Guest Editorial, March 2008

"What went wrong in 2003, 2003, 2005, and WHY?" (520Kb pdf)

Athol Hodgson in the 2006 Wettenhall address, gives a detailed, reasoned showing argument what is wrong with forest fire management in Victoria and how to fix it

"Disconnection" (1.3Mb pdf)

Rod Incoll provides a social perspective, proposing that fire management has fallen off the political agenda  because people no longer rely on, or cannot use, the  forest for their basic needs (updated).

"Government looking backwards on bushfire" (68Kb pdf)

Graeme Stoney MP says it is glaringly obvious that Victoria needs one agency for public land management. He cites lack of staff, difficulty of dealing across agencies and the diversion of staff from core business, such as fire prevention, for recent fire damage. (Hansard)

  "Bushfire losses can be minimised" (68Kb pdf)

Athol Hodgson compares losses in the 1985 fire season with current bushfire losses and tells why!

"The Facts Behind The Fire" (2.49Mb pdf)

In this penetrating and detailed 173 page review the 2003 wildfires are placed in a factual, historical, perspective by Barrie Dexter and Athol Hodgson

"Decline of eucalypt forests as a consequence of unnatural fire regimes" (89Kb pdf)

Vic Jurskis of NSW State Forests proposes that a more realistic approach to ecology can provide solutions, but these are politically difficult

House Select Committee on Australian Bushfires (112Kb pdf) Submission by A. Hodgson outlining the issue of managing hazardous fuels in native forests and the implications for fire control.

Esplin Report - Legal Opinion (86Kb pdf)

"In the matter of a report of the inquiry of the 2002 - 2003 Victorian Bushfires" -  Alan Myers, QC

Asset protection in a fire prone environment (52Kb pdf)

Fire and Biodiversity: The Effects and Effectiveness of Fire Management, by Rod Incoll (Proc. Biodiversity Conference )

Fire management in Australia - Lessons of 200 years  (118Kb pdf)

The perception that prescribed burning is a serious environmental threat appears to be based on a misunderstanding. Changes to are suggested to encourage environmentally sensitive fire management - Jurskis et al

From Fire Control to Fire Management (174Kb pdf)

The conservation of eucalypt ecosystems require management practices involving the control of wildfire on one hand, and the deliberate use of fire on the other  Barrie Dexter,  ("VICTORIA'S RESOURCES", MARCH 1975)

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