Dismayed by the disastrous bushfires in the eastern States over the summer of 2002 to 2003, a group of like-minded and concerned practitioners and scientists formed Forest Fire Victoria in February 2004.

Our work is towards forest fire management policies that address the social, economic and environmental values of natural ecosystems.


Forest Fire Victoria

  • will provide and promote independent and expert opinion on forest fire management;

  • work to ensure that Victoria’s forest fire management policies and practices are based on science, experience and accountability, and address social, economic and environmental values of natural ecosystems;

  • strive to ensure that the long-term well-being and safety of forest ecosystems and their surrounding rural communities are protected.

Our Method of Operation

Forest Fire Victoria will seek opportunities to pursue its purpose through a range of strategies including:

  • Making submissions to enquiries;

  • Providing experts for seminars, conferences and media opportunities;

  • Exposing the consequences and dangers of distorted science and misinformation;

  • Bringing problems and solutions to the attention of politicians and decision-makers;

  • Raising awareness of forest fire issues through the media and community education;

  • Supporting independent and objective research and education into forest fire management;

  • Publishing articles

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Ensuring the future of forest fire management

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